Sunday, November 15, 2009

Meet the Classmates Interview with Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor: So who are the Classmates?

The Classmates: Man, were two creative young dudes from the burbs, that just make crazy, meaningful music based on our life and life expieriences. Jason Eric and Travis Scott

Ryan Taylor: So ho w did you guys start?

The Classmates: Actually we go back to before we were even a group, we worked with other artist as individuals but as we heard each other, and we just linked up, and the rest is history.

Ryan Taylor: What does the Classmates music sound like?

The Classmates:check out and you tell us.

Ryan Taylor: I heard you and your crew met the new boys recently?

The Classmates: Its true, we saw them at a show in Houston, Jason spoke to them, but some of those details are under raps.

Ryan Taylor: You guys have gained alot of recognition in Houston and across Texas with your Bape Mixtape.

The Classmates: Yeah people really responded well to it and we appreciate everybody for the love.
Ryan Taylor: Last Question, When and What can fans expect from you guys in the future?

The Classmates: Tour Dates will be announced, shows in the works, new mixtapes, new artist, videos, just a crazy camp coming.


  1. "We just linked up, and the rest is history " now og chess have maximum 300k and travis got multiple hits with 1B listenings, thats crazy.


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